Statement of Support for ECCV’s All One Together campaign

Capire is a specialist community engagement company. We design and deliver tailored engagement strategies to build understanding, create local ownership and to inform sustainable decision making. To do this effectively, we recognise the critical importance of inclusive practices which can “give every person a voice”.

We believe that inclusion is the active process or state where barriers to participation are identified and removed to enable equitable opportunity for all, in every aspect of life. One of these barriers is systemic and institutionalised racism.

Since 2007, we have delivered over 1000 projects to hundreds of clients in Victoria and beyond. We work with a diverse range of organisations, from state to local government, to private industry and not for profit, supporting the development of effective and inclusive engagement approaches.

Our partnership with ECCV on the All One Together campaign has motivated deeper reflection on our own work practices and already helped identify areas where we can make a difference in addressing racism and discrimination. As a Campaign Ambassador, we will:
“Ask our clients to share their diversity policy or initiatives, and identify how these can be embedded in the projects we work on together.”

In doing this, we aim to:

  • Ensure our team actively removes barriers to participation to allow diverse voices within our communities to be heard
  • Encourage greater connection between our work and our client’s diversity policy. This may prompt a number of follow up actions including our clients reviewing existing polices and identifying opportunities to better address barriers within their organisation. Where policies do not exist, encourage our clients to identify their own commitment.
  • Build awareness of ECCV’s All One Together campaign among our clients.

We are grateful for the opportunity to be involved and look forward to working with ECCV on this
worthwhile and important campaign

Sandra Jerkovic, CEO