Statement of Support for ECCV’s All One Together campaign

Welcoming Australia is a national non-partisan and not-for-organisation organisation committed to advancing communities where people of all backgrounds have equal opportunity to belong, contribute and thrive. Consequently, anti-racism activities and initiatives are part of our DNA.

We recognise that systemic racism is pervasive and can seem ‘normal’ and expected. The cost of systemic racism, and of trying to address it, is most often borne by those who experience and live with its impacts each and every day. However, it is not the responsibility of the victims of racism to drive change. We support the All One Together Campaign because of its focus on institutional racism and applaud the efforts of the ECCV in taking this approach.

At the forefront of our theory of change is a recognition that cultural and linguistic diversity, and social cohesion existed on this continent for millennia – long before tall ships stumbled upon what we now know as Sydney Harbour. Our ‘multicultural success story’ cannot exist in a vacuum and until we redress injustices, and support self-determination for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples it is difficult to conceive how we can ever truly move forward as a nation. It is for this reason that our actions will engage employees and partners in continuous cultural learning opportunities to increase understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories and achievements. This will include a commitment to:

  • Develop and implement an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural awareness training strategy for our staff which defines cultural learning needs in all areas of our business and considers various ways cultural learning can be provided (online, face to face workshops or cultural immersion)
  • Investigate local cultural experiences and immersion opportunities
  • Work with Welcoming Cities members (Local Councils) to identify and facilitate opportunities for migrant communities to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture

It is incumbent on us to learn from First Peoples and begin to resolve the unresolved.

Aleem Ali, CEO