Campaign Ambassadors

The ECCV are gathering leading organisations to take the pledge towards championing anti-racism practices through their employment practices and influence. These key partners are highlighted here as the All One Together Campaign Ambassadors.

Australian Conservation Foundation

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) is proud to join the All One Together campaign.
We pledge to work to achieve an inclusive and safe community for everyone who cares about nature, free of discrimination and prejudice.

Victoria University

Victoria University pledges to develop and promote Victoria University’s Eight Principles of Cultural Diversity to guide University work…

Capire Consulting Group

Our partnership with ECCV on the All One Together campaign has motivated deeper reflection on our own work practices and already helped identify areas where we can make a difference in addressing racism and discrimination. As a Campaign Ambassador, we will…

Welcoming Australia

We support the All One Together Campaign because of its focus on institutional racism and applaud the efforts of the ECCV in taking this approach.

Think HQ

… we’re so passionate about ECCV’s All One Together campaign. We’re thrilled to spread the word as a Campaign Ambassador. One of our cornerstone values is self-actualisation – we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve their full potential and make their own informed decisions.

Yarra Valley Water

We’re proud to join All One Together to reinforce our proactive stance against racism and help create a kinder and safer society for everyone.

Become a Campaign Ambassador

Your organisation can join this movement by joining the AllOneTogether Coalition and committing to take one major action, such as:

    • Establish a senior led culture of no tolerance to racism, implementing specific policies and procedures to address complaints.
    • Review employment policies to detect biases in recruitment and career pathways.
    • Develop mentor and role-modelling program for new migrants.
    • Make the legislation that protects all citizens against racism widely known, including official channels for complaints outside your organisation.
    • Invest in culturally responsive practices and services.

For more information on how you can become an All One Together Campaign Ambassador, please contact ECCV Advocacy Leader – Zuleika Arashiro on or call 9112 5015

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