Conversations to Celebrate our Connections is a two-part podcast series, developed in partnership with Welcoming Australia as part of the All One Together campaign, an initiative by the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria to tackle racism & discrimination by helping us reconnect with those great things that we have in common, within and among our diverse communities in Victoria. The podcasts take us on a wonderful journey through the stories of the amazing people featured in it. Master storyteller and grand poetess Sista Zai Zanda leads conversations with participants to draw out the connections in our stories and celebrate each person’s deliciously unique perspectives on life, community, social cohesion, harmony and hope for the future.

In this episode, we learn more about two accomplished women who come from varied cultural backgrounds and generations but have one thing in common already – their home, Victoria:

  • Cr Kris Pavlidis is the Immediate Past Chairperson of the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria, and Councillor and former Mayor of Whittlesea City Council. A Greek Australian, Kris is a passionate community advocate for social justice and cultural diversity.
  • Emmanuela Piath Noi is a young South Sudanese Australian who is passionate about community development, advocacy and writing. She believes that open, inclusive and truthful dialogue is the best way to address our challenges and improve social cohesion in society.