All One Together campaign video: How do we want to be together?

ECCV stands in solidarity with the First Nations people of Australia, whose land we live, love and work on. We are committed to listening to and learning from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people about the pain and injustice they have endured throughout 250 years of racist policies and practices in Australia. Through the All One Together campaign, ECCV approaches anti-racism work through a systemic lens. We feel that this approach is more important than ever in the context of the current global movement for equity and justice.

The ECCV marks  through the release of this special campaign video featuring high-profile Australians from refugee and migrant backgrounds sharing their stories and talking about the impacts of racism and discrimination. We hope you can engage with the stories shared here and reflect on how we can live in a safe and inclusive society together. 

A very special thanks to Khadija Gbla, Hung Le, Betul Tuna and Akec Makur Chuoth for sharing their stories and to Think HQ for helping us capture it so beautifully.